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This CD is intended to compile a digital format of all of the Meroitic Newsletters released throughout the last four decades. Originally conceived by Dr. Jean Leclant, Dr. André Heyler, and Dr. Bruce Trigger it was and remains a key medium of exchange for papers and advances on the Meroitic Civilization and its still undeciphered script.

My own role in all this is much less glamorous. I am not a professional archaeologist or linguist but rather trained in physics and work in supply chain and logistics. I met Dr. Leclant and Dr. Claude Rilly on a vacation in Paris in 2002 after having developed an interest in the Meroitic script’s mystery. They graciously provided me with a copy of the Répertoire d'Épigraphie Méroïtique (REM) as well as editions 27 & 28 of the Meroitic Newsletter.

Years later, I still read about the language part time and hope to soon contribute a paper or two on the subject. However, on of the largest obstacles I have found is the availability of materials on Meroitic. In the US, and most of the world, these materials are very sparsely distributed and must be obtained through interlibrary loan which can be time consuming and expensive. While at MIT in Boston, I recently decided to take opportunity of the presence of both the large collection of Meroitic Newsletters are Boston University and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston to copy and digitize as much of the Newsletters as possible both to preserve them and enable wider distribution.

There were several obstacles in this task including the unfortunately poor state of some of the journals from age, outdated copying equipment in the facilities, and missing journal numbers including 22, 25, 26, 29, & 30. Thankfully as of May 2008 Dr. Rilly has graciously provided me with the missing issues so the archive is now complete!

Please feel free to make use of this and distribute it freely, however, do not sell it for any commercial purpose. Feel free to correspond with me at the below email with comments, feedback, criticism, or donations(?). Thank you.

Reginald Smith
July 2007 (revised May 2008)